5D Nick

5D Nick is a British Author, Music producer, Film Maker and Visual effects artist.

Debut book release – The Endless Maze – Out now

The Endless Maze

From The Big Bang through the present all the way to Deep Time at the end of everything, humans and humanoid aliens are pawns in a cosmic battle between two warring super intelligences. Across time and hyperspace the battles rage, from the subtle and sublime to direct destruction. Inner space and outer, neither is safe or as solid as they may seem. 

Mind-bending hard sci-fi, The Endless Maze is 5D Nick’s debut novel.

Interview with Author

Click here to listen to an interview with 5D Nick. NJC Introduces the author and delves into the mind behind The Endless Maze.


Softback £10.00
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The Endless Maze Official Soundtrack

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